• Hunter Post

How We Help High Potentials & Their Companies

We help thoughtful companies fully develop High Potential Leaders as their most valuable resource to deliver exponential results.

High Potentials (HPs) have the capability to exponentially improve organizational results by accelerating change. New perspective, energy, and flexibility are high-leverage assets.

The Problems:

However, the status quo company culture causes 4 problems.

  1. “Productivity” over Innovation: It encourages uber productivity over scalable or non-linear improvements. This is a lower Return on Investment (ROI) and a path to burnout or turnover, further lowering ROI.

  2. Lack of Coaching: HPs are not given the guidance to interact with, lead, and develop those around them on a non-technical, human level.

  3. Competition Among Individuals: Ego and an emphasis on “winning” prevents peers and superiors from committing to their ideas and providing the social capital to achieve results. Ego problems may be real or merely a perception problem, but the resulting harm is the same in either case.

  4. Too Slow to Change: Traditional change management takes a long time. This is inconsistent with the rapidly changing environment.

The Solutions

We solve these problems in 4 ways:

  1. We help Senior Leaders see the tremendous unrecognized value in their organization and cultivate and leverage HPs to unlock this value.

  2. We coach HPs to interact with, lead, and develop those around them, while cultivating and displaying authentic humility to eliminate resistance and negative feedback loops.

  3. We run inter-company Leadership Cohorts where HPs from companies around the world can seek, and provide, help around challenges, goals, strategy, & opportunities. These learn-teach-network groups allow leaders from small-to-mid-sized companies to interact with Fortune-level HPs from companies in a related industry. Confidentiality is strict and proprietary information is not shared.

  4. We coach HPs to be more effective in tactical and strategic leadership skills and to help their teams innovate and adapt more effectively.

The Results

We have a 96% success rate in achieving measurable leadership growth. This drives measurable improvements in key metrics and the bottom line.

The Difference

Our results are measurable and guaranteed. Clients only pay for results.

All of our coaches are experts in developing HPs, have led significant changes in their organizations, and have been trained or personally mentored by Marshall Goldsmith, three-time top-ranked executive coach in the world by Thinkers50.


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