About Hunter Post


Known for measurable and guaranteed results, Hunter has coached leaders from Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft Skype, and over 200 startups.  He serves as Director of Coaching for High Potential Leaders in partnership with Marshall Goldsmith, identified by Harvard Business Review as the number one leadership thinker in the world. Hunter mentors startups at Darden Business School's Innovation Lab and at the Capital One-sponsored Lighthouse Labs Accelerator. He is a frequent keynote speaker and has presented at the Federal Executive Institute.  

Hunter has served as Chief Operating Officer of a successful cyber security company and previously served as an NCIS Special Agent, apprehending terrorists, spies, and criminals.  In this role, Hunter worked undercover, was elected to the Director's Advisory Board, and led the Special Projects & Emergency Action (SPEAR) Team.  Prior to NCIS, Hunter was a member of the US Border Patrol Mountain Operations Team and founded a wilderness adventure company where he guided clients in climbing, whitewater, and wilderness survival expeditions.    

Hunter holds a bachelor’s degree in science, technology, and systems engineering; a master's degree in Strategic Intelligence; and a certificate in Leading Innovation from Dartmouth. 

Hunter supports driven individuals, motivated by growth, challenge, and impact. These individuals have a variety of skills and seek a personal and professional strategy that aligns with their values and leverages their unique strengths. They are in search of a personal mission and greater meaning.


In coaching clients, Hunter draws from stakeholder feedback, decision architecture, guided self-learning, & performance psychology, as well as traditional and non-linear strategies.

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