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All of our coaches have extensive experience working with high potentials and have track records of consistently helping clients achieve predetermined goals.


What We Do

We help high potential leaders become measurably more effective as a leader, as measured by those around them.  We focus on the areas that yield disproportionate benefits for the leader and organization.


All of our coaches use Marshall’s unique and practical methodology. Characteristics of the process include:

  • Measurable outcomes regarding changes in the leader’s behavior as determined by stakeholders at the end of the coaching engagement.

  • Confidentiality, confidence and a positive outlook.

  • A straightforward approach that does not require significant amounts of time. (If it did, busy leaders would not do it.)

  • A focus on changing leadership behaviors and perceptions of behavior.

  • Comprehensive assessment of behaviors from key stakeholders.

Ownership and guidance of the areas of focus for improvement by the leader being coached.

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