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Executive coaching has traditionally focused on the most senior leaders.  The approaches that worked well there often were a poor match for the values and goals of Millennials and Gen Y. 

Younger leaders tend to value impact, growth, life balance, transparency, flexibility, mentorship, and progress more than their predecessors.  Effective coaching should reflect this. 

Younger leaders are often more adaptable, capable of larger changes and faster results.      

There is a growing tide of young leaders doing amazing things.  It’s no coincidence that nearly 100% of them had structured coaching or mentoring to get there.

All of our coaches have been a student of Marshall’s teachings and live the core principles of courage, humility, and discipline.

Each coach has been personally selected based on values, experience, skills, and a demonstrated track record of consistent client results. 

Our coaches have diverse backgrounds, from CEO’s to Navy SEALs.  With a presence in over a dozen countries, we operate in all geographic areas of the world.

Our Team

Hunter has helped leaders from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, DuPont, and over 200 startups and small companies overcome challenges in leadership and strategy.  He mentors startups at Darden Business School's Innovation Lab and at the Capital One-sponsored Lighthouse Labs RVA Accelerator.  Hunter draws on experience as COO of an innovation-based tech company and prior training and experience in leadership and team dynamics as a Border Patrol Agent, NCIS Special Agent, and leader of the Special Projects & Emergency Action (SPEAR) Team.

Specialties: Entrepreneurs, Teams, Innovation, Communication, Decision-making frameworks, Strategy, Personal Development

Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, KPI Professional, Balanced Scorecard Professional and Marshall Goldsmith Certified Coach with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering.  Javvad is passionate in driving continuous improvement projects and developing and mentoring others.  Javvad has diverse experience in business optimization, operations excellence, strategy development and execution and scaling organizations.

Specialties: Manufacturing, Engineering, Operations, Strategy, Analytics, Systems Optimization

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Justin is an executive coach, entrepreneur and organizational development professional with over 10 years experience working in fortune 50 organizations helping leaders from Europe, and North America unlock their full potential. He has designed and facilitated leadership development programs, managed large teams undergoing organizational change, worked across cultures, led PepsiCo Europe’s Culture and Engagement department, and  coached Directors, Vice Presidents and General Managers across Europe.

Specialties: Enterprise-level solutions, Asia, Europe, N. America

Chris is a consultant, whose main focus is on leadership and career coaching.  She spent over 25 years leading human resources organizations for Fortune 100 companies, in the consumer products, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.  During the course of her career, she specialized in executive compensation, designed and developed leadership development programs, managed the top tier talent of global leaders, led HR organizations, worked across numerous cultures and personally coached executives.

Specialties: Biotech, Non-Profits, Higher Ed, Career

Elizabeth Bastoni is an executive coach who helps successful leaders and their teams achieve positive, long-term change in behavior. Her more than 25 yeas of experience as a manager, C-Suite executive, Board member and entrepreneur makes Elizabeth a sought after executive coach and advisor. Her style is direct, pragmatic, and designed to deliver results. She specializes in family controlled/publicly traded firms.

Specialties: Family-controlled/publicly traded firms, International business, Remuneration

Robert is an executive coach with Exec|Comm, a global communication skills consultancy, and delivers one-on-one coaching and group training globally for top firms in management consulting, banking and financial services, wealth management, accounting, insurance, academia, hospitality and consumer packaged goods. He graduated from Cornell University with a double major in Chemistry and Economics along with a minor in East Asian Studies and is currently pursuing his Executive MBA with the Wharton School. He speaks English, Mandarin, and Cantonese and lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two sons.

Specialties: Corporate Communication

Whitney Johnson is an expert on disruptive innovation and personal disruption; specifically, a framework which she codified in the critically-acclaimed book Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work. She developed her proprietary framework and diagnostics after having co-founded the Disruptive Innovation Fund with Harvard Business School’s Clayton Christensen. This framework is complemented by a deep understanding of how executives create and destroy value, having spent nearly a decade as an Institutional Investor-ranked equity analyst on Wall Street.

Specialties: Team building, Finance & Investing, Employee Engagement, Inernal Mentorship Programs

Errol Doebler, founder of Leader 193, brings a passion to leadership based on his experience as a Navy SEAL Platoon Commander, FBI Special Agent and SWAT Operator, as well as his time as a leader in the private sector in New York City and Washington, DC.  Errol’s diverse experience in leading combat operations, international terrorism and criminal investigations, and business transactions provides his clients with a unique, unparalleled perspective on leadership.  Errol believes that each person has the ability to lead and inspire. He is committed to applying his leadership experience directly to the specific needs of his clients.  Errol believes that leadership is a way of life, not something to be exercised during the nine to five of the business day.  As such, Errol’s most committed leadership endeavor is in his role as a husband and father.

Specialties: Team Dynamics, Risk Management Industries, Building Trust

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